Stay at Home Easter Activities

Here at Lavender Hill Holidays we’d like to wish you a very Happy Easter. If you can’t join us this Easter , here’s some ideas to keep the children happy and busy!! I am trying them out on our four …… Read on for more info


Easter Egg Hunt

You don’t need a lot of people for an Easter egg hunt, just one child is enough, can we like to help as parents as well.

If you’ve got a garden you could hide some eggs outside, but an entirely indoor Easter egg hunt still works.

We use  smaller chocolate eggs to hide in various places around the garden , some at the different heights for different children.  If you have real little ones they might need a bit of a hand but this search can be adapted to most ages!  If you have struggled to get eggs then sweets or even little prsents from upcycled items in the house will suffice.  You could use pencils, happy meal toys, little cars etc

If you are inside hide some in obvious locations, for instance, on the sofa, and some in more difficult places like on a kitchen chair tucked under a table or in a drawer!

If you hide enough eggs, this could last all day.  We often do three or four different hunts.

Have an Easter Picnic

If the sun in shining, why not have a picnic in your garden , on the balcony , in the yard or even inside with the windows open!!

A picnic is different and fun for children as you are sitting on the ground and eating off that level as well!!  

The sort of food you do will be guided by the age of the children and your space.  If you are getting slighly older children to make the picnic you could try sandwiches ( egg is always good), chopped fruit, easy flapjacks with dried fuit, chocolate crispie cakes with mini eggs on and hard boiled eggs.

If you are cooking scotch eggs are a firm favorite in our house- either veggi or meat!

Decorate shells

Create handmade egg decorations to display this Easter. This activity involves several steps and drying times. Parts of the activity are very fiddly. 

  1. First wash out the shells of cracked eggs. If possible keep the two sides of the egg shells in their pairs to help you match them later. Wait for them to dry. 
  2. Glue the two shells back together and cover them with tissue paper. The tissue paper will reinforce the joined cracked eggs together. Wait for the tissue paper to dry. 
  3. Decorate the covered eggs using paper or paint. 

Easter Number Challenge

Place numbered eggs in a basket and challenge your children to work out the total value of the basket. Or extend the challenge by giving your children a basket with a total and ask them to place eggs equalling the total into the basket. 

You can use , or use your own baskets and make your own eggs.


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